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mier committed to global coop◆eration in the face of COVID-19, said new measures1

would be put◆ in place to safeguard national security in Hong Kong and Macao◆ speciaJ

l administrative regions, and work to implement the phas◆e one China-U.S. tru

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ade deal would continue. "Let us meet our c◆hallenges head-on, move determinedly forward in the fight again◆st COVID-19 and in pursuT

it of economic and socialP

development,"◆ Li said, "and strive to fulfill the main targets and tasks for◆ this year." No growth targets Li announced thev

government wo◆uld not bI

e setting specific growth targets in 2020 for the Chin◆ese economy, which expanded by 6.1 percent last year, because C◆hina "will face some factors that are difficult to predict in i◆ts developU

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ment due to the great uncertainty regarding the COVID◆-19 pandemic and the world economic and trade environment." T◆he 5

premier praised the Chinese people for building a "Great Wal◆l of solidarity against the epidemic" but said the country's "s◆uccess has come at a great price." The economy contracted 6.8 p◆ercent in the fM

irst quarter of 2020 from a year earlier. "The ◆country posted negative growth in the first quarter of this yea◆r and daily life and work have been greatly aw

ffected. However, ◆life is invaluable. This is a priE